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Think it's time to move on.
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Burned my hands...

And the kitchen.
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I'm terrified that he's leaving me.
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[ Is soundly asleep at her desk. ]
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Who: Merlin Larson with Justin Campbell
What: Medical Emergency
Where: Broady, NYC
When: Sunday night

Merlin arrived at work that day nervous as hell because Jesse and Jace were coming to see the show. But not just that, so was Jace’s family. They ones who were already in New York, and the ones visiting from Chicago because they all wanted to meet him and see him perform. He didn’t battle stage fright to the level Justin used to or Sasha did, but this was a lot of pressure. The two shows on Sunday was a lot of work, and if he was honest, he wasn’t sure Justin would last it out. He had been peaky the last couple of days and he had a doctor come to him to give him shots so he could still work. The show must go on, as they say!

Turns out he didn’t have anything to worry about. At least, not with the actual show. There would be a hell of a lot to nearly shit himself with and worry about when the show ended. He was basking in the adrenaline rush, wishing Cassidy could be there that night too (but they had a date set to go see Dirty Dancing together once she was given the all-clear after). Still, it was epic that Jesse was there with Jace and all his in-laws. The family were so awesome and they all gave him a standing ovation. Though, there was no doubt about it that it was just as much for him as it was Justin. That guy was a machine when it came to this show. There was a reason why he won two Tony Awards, because what he did with the singing and dancing - especially that incredible warehouse solo - deserved all the accolades.

Merlin was still in training to ultimately be another understudy for Justin... )

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How much did you miss me?
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Pineapple on pizza…yes or no?
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I love shopping for new clothes!
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I'm feeling better than ever before.
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Is there no end to spreadsheets? 
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I find myself still craving him.
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