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Yyyeessssss! Pumpkin spice lattes are back!
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And something wicked this way comes
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School trip tomorrow. Lock me away.
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 I suck at talking to people.
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"Don't hang on. Nothing last forever..."
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[sulking:]  Wazzzpinator doesn't like patrol duty.
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Working on something. 

Do not disturb.
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Who: Sasha Stanford and Justin Campbell
What: I'm loving angels instead...
Where: Boston, MA
When: After this

Justin did exactly what he didn’t want to do on the drive to Boston… fell asleep. He only realised when he was being woken gently by Sasha giving his hand a soft squeeze and stroking his cheek. He had been planning on talking to Sasha about Will on the drive but here he was, waking up groggy and disoriented with creased up the side of his face from the sweater Sasha must have wedged between his head and the window so he didn’t get a sore neck. “Shit…” he mumbled, looking around with a stretch and a yawn, peering out the window and seeing they were parked at the cemetery. “I thought we were going to see her folks first? Is there a bathroom here?”

“I don’t know, baby. You might need to find a tree,” Sasha told him, smirking a little. Justin had crashed about fifteen minutes out of New York after they made plans to hit a McDonalds drive-thru to get something to eat. He wasn’t really surprised when he noticed Justin go quiet and his eyes were drooping. Although Justin did sleep the night before, it wasn’t a settled sleep. Sometimes, his brain just didn’t cooperate with switching off and that meant even if he did sleep, he didn’t get rest. You could usually tell when that happened because Justin woke up and didn’t speak to anyone. You might get a grunt and he might clear the brain fog a bit with a shower, but he didn’t usually perk up until he had breakfast and tea. He was always content with letting Justin sleep, as Justin was with him when his head was mucking up on him. This time, it gave him some time alone with his thoughts, trying to process what he was feeling going to Boston for this visit. “I just felt like I needed to come here first. I don’t know why.”

Justin rested his hand on Sasha’s thigh and leaned in to give him a kiss... )

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Not enough aspirin in the world...
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Happy Monday eve, everyone!

Can't wait!
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Who: Will and Luke Jackson
What: Brotherly Bonding
Where: NYC
When: After this

Will was sitting on the living room floor in the middle of what looked like a baby store exploded around him. Countless toys - nothing isolated to gendered male toys either - some disposable nappies, baby wipes, a change mat, an open jar of baby food that was barely touch with a baby spoon sitting in it, five soiled bibs, one baby sock (fuck knows where the other went) and a large plush koala with a red t-shirt with Milo’s name embroidered on it that was bigger than Milo himself. Will decided he was going to nail this awesome uncle thing, but that didn’t mean he perfected the art just yet.

Milo was pulling himself up on furniture now and had grown so much since the last time Will saw him. He was still tiny for his age, and coming from a mother who had been addicted to drugs when she was pregnant with him did that. That didn’t make him less the best nephew in the entire world. On the contrary, he was adorable. Blonde hair, big blue eyes, long eyelashes, drooly smile, and giggles that Will thought was one of the best sounds in the world. “C’mon, buddy. You can do it. Look, just three or four steps and you’ll be here. I can catch you.” Will was trying to coax his nephew away from where he was holding himself up on the coffee table, holding his hands out to him. He got all of one and a bit steps before he fell on his butt again. “Ohhh! So close. Good job.”

Luke arrived home from work, dragging his feet wearily and dumped his bag on one of the armchairs... )

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Sash trying to celebrity versus Sash trying to celebrity when someone mentions J.

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"Just 'cos I ain't doing it..."
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[Stocking up on batteries and snacks]
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